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VHF Station

My VHF antennas are spread out between the two HF towers.  Tower #1 has a 5-el 6m yagi at 105 feet (32 meters), and a VHF/UHF FM vertical at 108 feet (33 meters).

picture of N3OC tower #1

Tower #2 has a 33-el 903mhz loop yagi and a 43-el 1296mhz loop yagi at 102 feet (31 meters), an 18-el M2 432mhz yagi at 108 feet (33 meters), a 15-el 222mhz M2 yagi at 111 feet (34 meters), a 13-el 144mhz Cushcraft yagi at 114 feet (35 meters) and a VHF/UHF FM vertical at 118 feet (36 meters).  I added a 76-el 2304mhz loop yagi at 102 feet and a 10ghz dish in 2004.  Look closely at the tips of the trees and you can see the results of the Cicaidas laying their eggs in 2004.  I hope I and my towers are still here 17 years from now to see the results!

picture of N3OC tower #2

The 2304mhz station consists of a Down East Microwave transverter and 80 watt power amp.

The 10ghz station is a converted MA/COM (Microwave Associates) master station.  The RF lineup is integrated into the dish, and transmits 1 watt.  The unit was converted by Jeff WA3ZKR, and Maurice KA3EJJ.  The 10ghz station has performed beyond my expectations, working VUCC on 10ghz in one weekend, and nailing down some nifty 160+ mile QSOs with ease.

Anyone want a schedule on 10ghz?

NEW in 2005:

Meteor Electronics 1KW solid state amp added for 6 and 2 meters.

Download my Meteor Amp Software (requires VB Runtime 6.0)

1296 amp upgraded to 80 watts.

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