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Python Projects


This page contains some of my Python projects. All these are written in Python 3. I am not a great programmer, but all of these solve one problem or another at my ham station and run fine on a Raspberry Pi.

Python Projects Download

Several of my programs are here for download as run under Python 3:

Rotor Controller.py - this program allows remotely controlling RotorEZ, DCU, Yeasu and EA4TX rotor boxes (azimuth only) In the future I might add some others.

k3bridge.py - this program is similar to LPBridge, but written in Python so it can run on both Linux and Windows. It is a command line program, and you need to specify the correct comnmand line options to specify the K3 physical serial port as well as the two virtual serial ports your two apps will talk to. It requires two pairs of virtual serial ports be created, using socat on Linux, and com0com or VSPE under Windows.


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Last updated 08/19/2022