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The Shack

One of the things we liked about our new house is that the basement was completely finished, with extra bedrooms, a second kitchen, and a second family room.  Apparently this is very "Italian".  That means the whole basement can be dedicated to contesting, and guest ops have their own facilities to enjoy.

Picture of Shack

The station is set up with three operator positions.  Two are for HF, and the third is for VHF.  An Array Solutions "six-pack" antenna switch allows either HF station to select any of the antennas.



The right hand station has an FT1000D, and an Alpha 78 amp.

Picture of Station #1



The left hand station has an FT1000MP Mark V Field, and an Ameritron AL80B amp.

Picture of Station #2



The VHF station has a Yaesu FT-736R for the "bottom four" VHF bands (6m, 2m, 125cm and 70cm) and Down East Microwave transverters driving an IC-706 IF rig for 903mhz (33cm) and 1296mhz (23cm).

Picture of VHF Station



The "bunkroom" is available for guest ops to sleep, when not operating or watching TV!

Picture of Bunkroom