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Welcome to the Team Antigua Web Site

This web site contains photos and PowerPoint presentations from
the 1997-2007 CQWW SSB at V26B, V25A 2000 WPX, and V26E 1999 WPX.

It also contains an Excel spreadsheet with V26B CQWW score breakdowns
and totals from 1993-2007, as well as rate graphs by band for 2000-2007.

Online logs are available, however they are password protected.  Contact one of the team members if you need to access the logs.  We are happy to share our logs with others with legitimate needs to access them.

The V26B station is available for rent.  It is usually booked for the big four DX contests, however it is often available for both WPX contests, the 10 meter contest, all the 160 contests, and WAE.  Contact one of the team members of you are interested in renting the station, or click the link to on the home page submit a rental request to WT3Q.

Information on Renting the V26B Station

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