Uniden HomePatrol 1 Mobile Installation

picture of Uniden HP-1 digital scanner

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This page contains information about install your Uniden HomePatrol 1 in a vehicle.

For me, the best solution has been to install it using the Uniden mounting clip on to a cellular phone mounting plate.  These are available that slip behind your dash board cowling, and provide a secure flat metal surface to mount things, and are angled towards the driver for proper viewing.

picture of HP-1 mobile installation

This a picture of my HP1 mounted in my Ford Expedition under a 7" TFT screen for my Icom IC-7000, using a standard cell phone dashboard mount.  The HP1 mount used here is the standard Uniden BCKHP-1 mount, available from most scanner shops online.  It simply attaches to the cellular mounting plate with a couple screws, which are included with the mount.

Of course there are lots of ways to do this, including suction cups and goosenecks.  This is just the way I chose to do it.


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