PVRC Contest Seminar DVD Sales

Contest Seminar DVD Sample Video Clips


These sample DVD clips are large files (9mb) and are best viewed using a broadband connection.  All of the video clips will play with the Windows Media Player except for the last one, which requires Real Player.

To view the clips, RIGHT-CLICK the links below, click SAVE TARGET AS and save the file somewhere on your hard drive, then click OPEN and the file will play.  We are having some difficulty directly streaming the media from the server.  You can try just clicking them, but if you get a message saying the file is corrupt, use the above procedure as a work around until we can get the files to stream correctly.

DVD #1 - Antennas - W3LPL

DVD #2 - Towers - K4ZA

DVD #3 - Single-Op Contesting - K3ZO

DVD #4 - Contest Station Ergonomics - KT4W

DVD #4 - Station Automation - N3RR

DVD #5 - Contest Basics - K3EST

Sample Clip #7 (requires Real Media player)

Download Real Media Player